Join Us For Our Third Week of Wednesday Night Races!

Galveston Community Sailing Center is entering it's third week of intense sailing competition, with the Wednesday Night Races! 

Anyone in the Galveston or greater Houston area is encouraged to attend and compete. Participation is free to Galveston Community Sailing Members and available for a small fee to anyone else interested in attending.

Here are some pictures from Wednesday Night Races inaugural sail!

If you are interested in joining Galveston Community Sailing Center or you just would like more information about Wednesday Night Races and our other programs, please call (409) 572-2562

Privateers Enjoy Victory and Apple Pie

Last week we had a bunch of great groups come out for our second to last week of summer camp.

While they were here they got to enjoy fun and sun, not to mention a bunch of great food at our Luau!

Many thanks to the Lighthouse Charity Team for cooking us up some pork chops and apple pie.


And of course we have the last weeks winners of the prized golden coconuts.

Wish you were here at Sea Scout Base Galveston!


Campers vs. Staff! Always a New Adventure at Sea Scout Base Galveston!

Last week at Sea Scout Base Galveston, we ended camp right with a fun luau and great games! Great food was had, Captain Rob sang us some songs, and the campers had some great skits prepared for everyone.


After dinner, the campers and staff had an intense volley ball game. Of course the staff won 2 for 2 games! Maybe the next weeks crews will have better luck.

Wish you were here at Sea Scout Base Galveston!


Week One Update

It is the first week of the Galveston Nautical Adventures here at Sea Scout Base Galveston! As the name suggests, many adventures are taking place on the water for our participants.

We even had some fishy friends visit us on the docks!

A school of mullet!

SSBG is Making Friends on Offats Bayou

Today at Sea Scout Base Galveston our resident biologist Abigail Hils was alerted that there was a new creature in our onsite wetlands. Abigail was notified of this exciting development by none other than our Executive Director, Ed Carrette, who spotted the creatures while walking the facility.

What are these creatures you ask? Stingrays! Specifically Southern Stingrays, which have a different body shape and can grow much larger than their Atlantic cousin.

Sign up for our programs and come discover the wildlife here at Sea Scout Base Galveston!


Find Out Friday

Welcome back friends of SSBG and sailors,
Our mystery monday has turned into an enigma that has surprised all of the Sea Scout Base Galveston team. While some words in the English language have acronyms such as radar, “Radio Detections and Ranging,” there are a few of these acronym created earlier than last century. 

In theory, POSH refers to sailing from India to England during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. “Port Out Starboard Home” was the shady and cooler side of the ship, which were “the best” accommodations before air conditions and cooling units were invented.

In reality, this origination was probably just a myth. According to our friend who replied to the link, Oxford English Dictionary state that “this word is derived from the initials of ‘port outward, starboard home’, referring to the more expensive side for accommodation on ships formerly traveling between England and India, is often put forward but lacks foundation. 

On another note, and interestingly enough, this was term was also referred to in the context of transatlantic crossings. Here, some say “Port Outbound Starboard Home,” referring to the trips across the pond (Atlantic Ocean) from Britain to America. 

However, this word was already coined well back in the early 19th century referring to money or dandy. Haven’t you ever been to an affair that was very “posh,” or at least heard other folks referring to it as such?