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Saturday Youth Sailing

Sea Star Base Galveston


The Youth Sailing Program at Sea Star Base Galveston is unlike any other youth program in the country.

Children are taught by our highly skilled staff at a world-class sailing facility, but the benefits do not end there.

In the Youth Sailing program, children of all ages and skill levels learn stewardship of our oceans, coasts, and communities as our dedicated staff and volunteers closely mentor them. While learning to sail, children also learn physical, social, critical thinking, and teamwork skills, skills that will carry them throughout their lives.

”It is our belief that every child has the ability and should have the opportunity to learn how to SAIL and become an ambitious, skilled, and active sailor for the rest of their lifetimes.β€œ
– Capt. Mike Janota



Sailing Dates and Times are currently on hold until further notice. Please follow us on Facebook for event and class updates.